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* Cao Su Song Little Company of State enterprises, directly under the People's Committee of Binh Phuoc. The company was formally established by Decision No. 697/QD-UB on June 16, 1983 Song of the PPC. Process of formation and operation, from the first session will be arranged in the area of Bau Bang, then moved into the area Nha Bich then merged more National Farm and construction enterprises Nha Bich fixed in the region today. By the end of 1992, the company has 1781.1 ha of rubber. May 1998, established latex Plant capacity 3,000 tons / year and in 2002 the company has invested to expand capacity processing plant from 3,000 tonnes per year to 7500 tons.

Mr. Đỗ Quốc Quýt

* By June 1998, Forest City, Phu was merged into the company by Cao Su Song Be 1343/QD-UB decide on 05/6/1998 by Provincial People's Committee of Binh Phuoc with a total area of 7896.95 hectares planted , localized farming and forest land for the people or entrepreneur agricultural and forestry. 1999, the company implemented the investment project, primary care rubber filled area Long Binh (present and Chon Thanh district, Binh Long district) with a total area of 1425.30 hectares. April 2002, to facilitate expansion and operation of the Company, Binh Phuoc Province People's Committee issued Decision No. 681/QD-UB on April 23, 2002 v / v recovered 2256 ha of forest land Management of forests in economic Tan Lap, communication planning for the company to grow high-Su Song Be rubber and forestry. At present, Binh Phuoc Province People's Committee continue to give high Co. Su Song Be 3000 hectares of forest management and economic streams Nhung Tan Lap to grow rubber in the report concluded: 143/TB.UB on 02 / People's Committee in July 2003.

* Presently Cao Su Song Little Company continues to develop a stable unit with facilities located in the area belonging to two provinces (3 County and 1 Town): Ben Cat District, Binh Duong Province; district of Chon Thanh district Dong Phu and Dong Mango Town, Binh Phuoc province. The company is a unit of economic activity in the manufacturing sector, business agriculture and forestry: plantation, exploitation, acquisition, processing and direct consumption of rubber products; The company also is responsible for afforestation , management and protection of plantation management of investment projects and development of rubber filled primary ...

*On the basis of activities, the Company has three farm land and a management team with an area of agriculture, forestry and rubber plantation is 9678.05 ha, a Plant discharge capacity of 7500 tons per year, the Department professional system working office, warehouse, house with land, machinery, transport vehicles and facilities to work worth hundreds of billion.

* By persistent way of business in the right direction, the company has overcome difficult times, completing in excess of the annual plan and implement effectively meet business, incomes of the workers are always up, make full obligations to the State budget and accounts payable for workers, continue to promote the expansion and operation of the Company, to participate as good social work and complete other tasks of units. With these achievements have been achieved, in 1995, the company was honored by the State Labor awarded medals and third in 2003 was awarded two medals working class.

* Currently, the company is implementing ISO 9001:2000 management technology to better service customers and maintain the prestige brands company.

Company office Cao Su Song Be

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